The Federal Republic of Iowa was the first Louisiana republic to split with France. The first election happened in one week, it was so rushed that it ended up having the shortest turnout in history. This president was influential in the government in supporting the capitalist system as the economic basis of Iowa, his name was Ronald Wilson Reagan (1911-1998).

The republic sought to create the type of government it had before it was invaded by France in 1936. But one thing was added, they instituted federal districts to mirror the United States.

Many of the people in the Iowa Republic did not support capitalism, one was revolutionary French-Iowan Marxist, Alex F. Garnier.

When Reagan invaded Wisconsin in September of 1960, the communists decried this as an act of imperialist aggression and the country's right to self-determination.

Wisconsin largely relied on Britain to protect them from aggression and the government wasn't too afraid of outside forces coming in so Wisconsin had no military.

Wisconsin culture was very much influenced by Louisianian culture so their was no culture clash. That said, the people didn't like the new Iowan government. They supported the style of government that they had. Many city communists moved closer to Iowa to begin the revolution in Des Moines. Although, the Wisconsinites didn't support the government at first, rapidly, more and more libertarian minded Iowans moved to Wisconsin for job opportunities and soon Wisconsin became the staple of libertarian thought.

They were sucked into a war against the Dakota Republic, the Union of Socialist Republics came to the aid of Iowa when the D. R. invaded it.

The U. S. R. pressured Iowa into releasing Wisconsin, when they did, a surge of communists flocked over to the capital to stage a coup. It didn't work and they were all arrested but that gave West America the justification to declare war on Iowa.

The people involved in the coup were sent to a prison near Sioux City, they were freed by the Soviet Soldiers landing in Iowa.

They staged another coup about 2 weeks after the first one, this time being successful.

With Des Moines, they were only able to take Iowa, a treaty was signed later that allowed the primarily libertarian Wisconsin to be under the government of Iowa. The former west wing of the Iowa Republic (former State of Iowa) became a Marxist-Leninist Federal Republic.

The east wing of the Iowa Republic (former State of Wisconsin) became a Libertarian Federal Republic under Ronald Reagan, they signed a deal with Illinois that they would unite into one republic called "The Federal Republic of Iowa and Illinois" (Iowa-Illinois for short).