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Background: The United States Secret Service was created in 1865 by congress to deal with the overwhelming counterfeit problem. What the Secret Service did was surpress counterfeit currency and fix the economy. Later protection of the president was added to the list after the assassination of several presidents.

In this alternate history: The report of the estimate that one third of money was counterfeit was either not reported or debunked for some reason, and they don't hear of it until the turn of the century. That is the assumption of the history.

Four things happen as a result:

1. The immigration goes down as the general standard of living goes down 2. Hyper-inflation devistates the economy of the United States 3. Congress passes a law creating the Counterfeit Prevention Agency (CPA), 1901 4. Congress passes a law creating the Presidential Protection Agency (PPA), 1905

What happens next?

In desperation, the people of the United States turn to fascism during the late 20s and early 30s, once the depression hits (which hit the United States about half as much as the Weimar Republic) there is finally a coup in March of 1933.

This coup kills president Franklin D. Roosevelt and the entire presidential line of succession, along with 3/4 of congress and 1/2 of the supreme court.

Because of this, Congress passes a law banning the party and the Supreme Court decides to put in, Herbert Hoover as president. Hoover decides that he wants to help the nation and pressures congress to give him absolute power in a desperate attempt to save the United States of America from total annihilation.

But in time, the people start to think that the ideological split within the country warrants a split from the country. At first, many thought there was gonna be a civil war between the Democrats, Republicans, Fascists, and Communists. But what did happen shocked the nation even more.

In June of 1936, California, Texas, and Alaska, signed away their union with America and became independent countries. Alabama soon follows when they find that it could be an easy way to win the Scottsburo case (as a result, Alabama created their own constitution and the Scottsburo kids were all executed, this angered black Alabamans and when Germany invaded Alabama, hence Black Germans were thrown in camps).

Soon, America was reduced to Washington DC. After being invaded by Britain in 1937, America was completely done for.

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